3 safety features you didn’t know were free on Life360

Here at Life360, we believe that each family deserves to feel safe. That’s why we’ve made some of our top features free for everyone. Whether you’re driving down the freeway, hiking on backcountry trails, or surfing the web, we’ve got you covered. 

Free Life360 Safety Features

If you choose not to enroll in one of our amazing Life360 membership plans, you can still access a number of safety features. Here are three safety features we offer for no cost

1. Crash Detection

Take advantage of our life-saving Crash Detection feature. Our patented sensors detect collisions over 25mph. From there, we ping the driver or passenger involved. If we don’t get a response, we alert the Circle and emergency contacts with the vehicle’s location. 

On average, we detect over 100 collisions every day, helping those families immediately connect with their loved ones when they need them most.

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2. SOS

Get help even when you don’t feel safe speaking out loud. SOS sends a silent alert with your location to your Circle and emergency contacts. 

Access the SOS feature by tapping on the SOS button in the main map on the app. Press and hold this button when you feel unsafe, are unsure of your surroundings, or need help. 

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3. Data Breach Alerts

It’s hard to believe 1 in 3 families are victims of identity fraud. But that’s life in the digital age. Data Breach Alerts protect your family by stopping online threats from becoming actual identity theft.

If we see any of your family’s personal info for sale on the dark web, we’ll alert you with next steps to secure your accounts. 

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*Crash detection is enabled when: the vehicle is moving at a sustained speed of at least 25 mph for at least 30 seconds before the collision; the vehicle has come to a complete stop after the collision; user’s phone has more than 10% battery life and not be in power saving mode; the phone’s WiFi settings are turned on; and you are in an area with strong cell phone reception (e.g. crash detection does not work in a tunnel). If you’re on a CDMA carrier (including Verizon, Sprint, and US Cellular), cell data doesn’t always work if you are on a phone call. If you’re on a phone call at the time of a car crash, we might not be able to detect it. Even if all the criteria mentioned are met, Life360 may not detect all major collisions due to network outages, algorithm error, availability of GPS location data, sensor error on the mobile device, and crash location outside of a wireless service coverage area among others.

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