Family always on the go? Stay connected with these two Life360 tricks.

As a parent of two teenage daughters, I’ve learned the true meaning of the term “on-the-go”. Social functions, shopping trips, after school activities, travel – it all adds up to a life that is filled to capacity with running here, there, and everywhere. That’s okay. We actually like it!

With a little help from today’s tech offerings, I still feel that we get in quality time with family even when we aren’t all technically “together”.

Togetherness is even more important to me these days because my girls are getting older. I love seeing them spread their wings and become more and more independent, but with that independence comes the realization that they likely won’t be hanging around the house during their free time. 

I’ve started making it a point to text more, send more pictures, and generally be more active on the phone with my kids. After all, that’s where they live their lives these days. By doing this, I’m communicating with them in a way that they’re comfortable with, and I’m also reinforcing how important communication is. It helps keep us in touch and free of worrying about where everyone is, if they’re safe, and what they’re doing – at least on my end.

If you’re looking for some easy ways that you and your family can check-in and stay in contact, the Life360 app couldn’t make it easier. Here are a few great ground rules for communication for parents and kids alike that are easy to do. 

Life360 has a check-in button! No texting or calling mom required! 

If your kids get excited and often forget to call or text with you once they’ve made it to their destination, the check-in button makes it super simple to do. There’s no need for them to call or text you any longer – just simply hit that check-in button and a notification is sent out alerting everyone that they’ve arrived safely. 

Load in the frequent places that everyone visits directly into the app

The easiest way to not have to worry is to have everyone in your family to identify the frequent places that they go on a daily or weekly basis. You can easily add those into the Places feature of your Life360 app and they’ll stay in there for future reference and use. Then, once anyone arrives or leaves that location, the app automatically sends a notification to the entire Circle.It couldn’t be any more simple than that!

For our girls, we added JROTC training, the library, school, and even their favorite hang out spots to our list of favorite places. Since they frequent these locations a lot, it’s such great peace of mind to know that they’re coming and going safe and sound. For myself and my husband, I’ve loaded up the gym, our favorite restaurant, and even his work location as well. 

I love getting the smart push notifications. They allow me to plan and be prepared, which is always a good thing. Once I know that my husband is one his way home from work and the kids are on their way back from their activities, I can start prepping and getting dinner ready so that it’s ready and waiting for everyone to enjoy once they get home. 

It’s the little details that really do make this part of the Life360 app one of my favorite ways to communicate and stay in touch with my family. 

This simple feature can really make a difference in how your family communicates throughout their days. The easiest way to take away any fear and worry is to find effective ways to communicate with one another and just keep each other in the loop. 

Not only is it a good way to know they’re safe but they’re also able to rest easy knowing that if something happens or they need help, everyone in the family is easy to reach and communicate with. 

Winona R. is the author of Life Family & Fun, a national blog focusing on parenting teens, Food, Home & DIY, Lifestyle and Family Travel. She has been ranked Top 10 Atlanta Parenting Blogs. She loves to inspire families to travel more, enjoy more mealtimes together, have fun, and enjoy life fully. Winona and her husband have four children and four grandchildren.

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