Help is just a tap away: Introducing SOS with 24/7 emergency dispatchers

Life360 is on a mission to bring families closer, and the recent launch of membership is redefining safety for families around the world. Our membership plans offer families peace of mind at home, on the go, and online — with a full range of comprehensive safety and coordination tools, at a fraction of the cost.

When it comes to personal safety on the go, our updated SOS feature sets the standard. If you or a loved one ever feels unsafe, just tap SOS to send a silent alert to your Circle, emergency contacts, and our 24/7 emergency dispatchers — all without saying a word. 

SOS is designed to be easy to use at any age, in any situation. You don’t have to think, know your address or cross streets, or let anyone around you know that you’re calling for backup. 

Safety for real life

On their own, but not alone
Whether your loved ones are walking across campus in the dark, exploring an unfamiliar neighborhood, biking through town, or in a parking garage at night, SOS offers a premium level of personal protection. Rest easy knowing that a team of emergency dispatchers is always standing by.

Aware, alert, and ready
In situations where you can’t speak or don’t know your exact location  — like a health issue or active shooter event — SOS makes every moment count. Our emergency dispatchers will immediately send your location to your Circle members, emergency contacts, and first responders. 

How SOS works

Tap for help
In just one tap, SOS sends your location to people who can help. Our live, 24/7 emergency dispatchers will reach out to see if you’re alright. Even if you can’t answer or don’t want to speak, help is already on the way. 

Hold for a heads up
Maybe you’re not having an emergency, but you feel unsafe in your surroundings. Hold down SOS to let your Circle and emergency contacts know, and end the alert when you’re safe and sound. 

Try SOS for free

SOS is available to all Life360 members. Send automatic alerts to your Circle and emergency contacts, at no cost. 

For premium SOS which includes live support and 24/7 emergency dispatchers, upgrade to Life360 Gold or Platinum.

Try SOS today, and find the plan that fits your family best.

After the 7-day free trial, payment information will be required. Must cancel 24-hours before the end of the trial period to avoid charge.

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