Holiday Travel Safety for Busy Families

This holiday season, we’re expecting a boom in the number of travelers. To help keep your family moving in the right direction, here are some handy tips from resident family safety expert, Jason Brick.

Whether you’re on the road or out and about in the world, a few simple precautions can go a long way in keeping your family safe. Follow these steps during the holiday travel season for added safety. And remember, Life360 always has your back. 

Holiday travel safety on the road

The road trip to grandma’s house is such a common holiday experience that they’ve made more than one hilarious movie about it. The dangers and hazards may make for good comedy, but they’re less fun in real life. Consider the following points to keep harm away from your family as you drive the highways this holiday season:

½ is the new empty

Trouble of all kinds can happen when you run out of gas. At best, it means a walk through cold weather while the family waits in a car without heat. At worst, it can mean you aren’t able to leave a hazardous situation. Avoid this by filling up whenever your gas hits the halfway point. As a bonus, this gets you out of the car to move your body and refresh twice as often as you would otherwise. 

Have a plan

Almost all tragedies are emergencies that went wrong. Most emergencies are inconveniences we weren’t prepared for. Have a plan for things that could go wrong on your trip, from a flat tire, to crime prevention, to a serious accident. Life360’s 24/7 Roadside Assistance can be part of those plans, bringing you help when you need it no matter the location or hour.

Pack shoes and a coat

Keep a warm coat, hat, and gloves in the car at all times. Things don’t go only wrong when you’re already dressed for the occasion. While you’re at it, take this tip from professional bodyguards – when you buy new boots or running shoes, the old ones live permanently in your car. That way you always have appropriate, broken-in footwear if you ever need it.

Know your route

Whether you’re just driving to your parents’ house, or making a road trip to somewhere new, it’s vital to know the details of how you’ll get there and back. Use a combination of Google Maps, Google Drive, and local resources to know where the bad roads are, where to stop for gas, and how to find the closest hospital. In case of an emergency, it pays to be able to communicate your exact location from any point on your trip. With the Crash Detection feature, if Life360 detects a car crash, your Circle will be alerted immediately. 

Check your emergency kit

A car isn’t a safe car without its emergency kit. At the very least, this should include the tools you need to get unstuck from the side of the road, to change a tire, and to put on your snow chains. Having one on hand is one of the surest ways to keep those inconveniences from becoming emergencies, and emergencies from turning into tragedy. 

Holiday travel safety in the air and abroad

Whether you’re flying to visit family, or on a holiday season vacation someplace exotic, safety on the move is one way to help ensure the trip has only happy memories. Although being too careful can spoil the fun, these simple moves can keep the worst at bay while you explore:

Be your own advance team

When a celebrity or politician travels, a few members of their security team go early and check things out. This is called an “advance.” You’re not able to hire that done, but you can use resources like Google Earth, Yelp reviews, and country profiles by trusted governments. These will help you understand the shape, opportunities, and hazards of the area you’ll visit so you can make the right plans. Life360’s Travel Support feature can be one of those resources, providing tips and resources for planning a safe trip.

Know where to get help

Did you know that less than ¼ of the countries in the world use 911 for calling emergency services? Before traveling to a new country, find out what their emergency call number is. Also, know where the closest hospital or emergency clinic is, and how to get help in the hotel where you’re staying. The Life360 app works internationally (you’ll need Wifi or a cellular connection) and the Medical Assistance feature can help you find the right help, including filling prescriptions, anywhere in the world. 

Give yourself extra time

No matter where you go in the world, things are always more dangerous when you’re in a hurry. This is especially important when you’re in tourist destinations where public transit and cabs can be notoriously slow. Include extra time in everything you do, so you’re never rushing to make a curtain call, flight time, or appointment. That way you never forget vital supplies or miss seeing a hazard in your rush.

Take a morning photo

An abduction of your child by a stranger is a very low risk in most countries you’ll visit, but even losing track of your child accidentally can be a nightmare. This is especially true if you don’t speak the same language as the police or security staff. Every morning, take a picture of your child after they get dressed for the day. With that on your phone, you can text it or show it to somebody instead of trying to give a description through the language barrier.

Pack the family, not the stress

Before you head out, make sure to pack Life360 Platinum for no-matter-what travel assistance. Rest easy knowing that live agent support is just a tap away, at any hour or any time zone, to help your family with anything and everything, including:

  • Pre-trip info, including Covid restrictions, local health reports, immunization and visa info, currency exchange rates, and more
  • Updated airline reservations
  • Lost luggage and travel doc support
  • Translator and interpreter referral
  • Disaster response and evacuation support 
  • 24/7 Nurse Helpline with medical, dental, and pharmacy referral
  • Inpatient medical monitoring
Try Platinum for free

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