Home, safe home: Accident proofing for each room

Home should be the safest space in the world. Here’s a room-by-room checklist of common hazards to avoid and easily address.


  • Make sure knives are sharpened and stored safely.
  • Cap your hot water tank temp at 120 degrees F.
  • Keep a fire extinguisher handy.

Living room

  • Area rugs can be a trip-hazard. Use double-sided tape to secure corners.
  • Keep cords and cables tied up and off the floor.


  • Make sure stairways are well lit.
  • One handrail is good. Two handrails are better.


  • Keep the floor free of clutter.
  • Do not obstruct access to windows in case of fire.


  • Use floor grips in the tub and shower.
  • Use bathmats to minimize slip risk.


A little extra awareness goes a long way, especially with the rushed pace of modern family life. Make home safety a habit for all family members, and enjoy more happy, healthy years together.

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