How Life360 Helps Me Manage Holiday Family Coordination

Life360 Guest Contributor: Dawn Nieves, from A New Dawnn 

The holiday season is probably my favorite time of year. I love the festive feel throughout the stores while shopping, baking homemade cookies and spending time with all those I hold dear. It can also be a hectic time of year trying to fit in, organize, and manage all the fun holiday activities.

One thing that has become tradition for us is visiting a local amusement park’s holiday light show. The holiday light show is a two-mile long car ride through a display of millions of lights. Since it’s an activity the whole family can enjoy, we typically go as a large group with my sister and her kids.

It’s an event we all look forward to every year. The night typically begins with the holiday light show experience and we finish off the night at the amusement park to ride some roller coasters and sample all the delicious holiday treats.

When I add in my extended family who all live in different cities, things used to be hard to manage.

A few years ago, I heard about the Life360 app from my sister when she was looking for a way to keep an eye on her kids walking home from school. Now we all use it and it becomes particularly useful around the holidays when we are coordinating big group activities like a trip to the light show and amusement park. The push notification Life360 sends letting me know that my sister and her family have left their house, helps me manage my time because it tells me I have exactly 15 minutes to get my own kids ready and loaded in the the car. Everything seems to run smoother and everyone seems to be calmer just being able to check the map to see how far out everyone is.

The app also gives me peace of mind when the older kids want to go off and explore the theme park on their own. Now that they’re teens, giving them the freedom to explore on their own is important but it doesn’t make me worry any less. With Life360, I can keep an eye on them and where they are in the park while letting him experience freedom to be on his own.

Since it’s quite a drive from where we live, we’ve upgraded to the Life360 Driver Protect plan and it makes me feel that my family is better prepared for the unpredictable during the crazy holiday season – fighting for parking spots this time of year is no joke! It’s a small price to pay for the added peace of mind it gives me as we head out onto the winter roads; and the roadside assistance, crash detection, and emergency response features are invaluable tools to have all year long.

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