How Life360 is helping families affected by Hurricane Harvey


The number of people in Texas who have been affected by Hurricane Harvey this week is overwhelming, and our team’s thoughts are with all of the affected families.


After seeing the destruction the storm has caused, our team immediately began discussing “how can we help?” Thousands of families in the greater Houston area regularly use Life360. Our app can help them communicate with each other during natural disasters and keep track of loved ones’ whereabouts.


For our users who have been in the area affected by Hurricane Harvey over the past several days, we have upgraded your basic Life360 account to Life360 PLUS through September 30 for free. This upgrade has already been applied to the accounts of more than 200,000 of our users in the area affected by the storm. We hope the 30 days of family Location History, unlimited Places Alerts that send you an automatic notification when loved ones arrive or depart a designated area on the map, and 24/7 customer service from our team are helpful to you and your loved ones. Accounts that have been upgraded for free will automatically revert on October 1 to the basic Life360 service you had before the storm.


Life360 has also made a donation to the American Red Cross to help fund relief efforts, and we hope others in our community will consider making a donation, too.


Many of our users may not know that the idea for Life360 arose following Hurricane Katrina. After watching countless stories of families who could not find their loved ones, we were determined to build an app that could keep families connected and aware of their loved ones’ locations even when cell phone towers are down. Our thoughts are with all families in the areas affected by this storm.


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