How to Avoid Getting a Speeding Ticket

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Have you ever sat in the car with an officer behind you, wondering how to get out of speeding tickets? Most of us have been there at one point or another. Unfortunately, driving over the speed limit is common and can also be deadly. In 2020 alone, speeding was a factor in almost 30% of traffic fatalities. That’s a pretty substantial number.

With about half of the drivers noting they drive over the limit on a freeway at least once a month, it’s no surprise you might be looking for options to avoid speeding tickets. But don’t worry. We have several tips and tricks to prevent those pesky stops and tickets that can quickly drain your bank account.

We’ll even share how Life360 driving safety can help avoid tickets (and accidents) when you’re on the road. This is an excellent feature for you and all your friends and family members in your Circle. After all, we want nothing more than to keep the people we love safe and protected at all times.

Speeding and Aggressive Driving Statistics

There are numerous other statistics about speeding that you should be aware of. It’s dangerous and can even be deadly. For instance, did you know that 45% of people have reported going at least 10 MPH over the limit on a residential street in the last 30 days? Another 11% admit that they do this regularly.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) explains that speed is a factor in almost 10,000 deaths yearly. Speeding makes a driver more likely to be seriously injured or killed in an accident. It also increases the crash risk since there is less distance and time to respond.

7 Ways to Prevent Getting a Speeding Ticket

We can all admit that speeding is a problem and should slow down. However, knowing isn’t the same as doing. That’s why we want to share a quick list of seven methods to prevent getting speeding tickets when you are out on the road.

1. Don’t Go Over the Speed Limit

This tip might be simple, and it’s also straightforward. Always be aware of your traveling speed and never exceed the speed limit. Any time you go too fast, you’ll likely have an accident. But, of course, that won’t affect just you but also your passengers, pedestrians, and even people in other cars.

2. If You Go Over, Don’t Go Over By More Than 10 MPH

Sometimes, you may need to speed up, especially if you have an urgent task requiring immediate attention and you’re running late. However, if you have to speed, avoid going too fast and limit your speed to no more than 10 MPH over the limit. This approach allows you to maintain better control and react appropriately in case of any unexpected obstacles on your way.

3. Drive in the Middle of the Pack

On any road, some people go slow, and others go fast. What you want to do is find a middle ground between the two. Be the person who averages out the speeds and finds a safe spot in the pack. Then, you’ll blend in with others and be less likely to be pulled over than those going super-fast.

4. Use Signals & Don’t Drive Aggressively

When you drive aggressively, you may end up speeding as you try to outdo someone else. Practicing reactive driving is better, which helps avoid problems resulting from aggressive driving. Additionally, you can prevent accidents and maintain a safe speed level by following the rules of the road, such as using your signals.

5. Avoid Driving in the Left Lane

Pulling into the left lane and driving might make you feel obligated to go fast. Avoid that feeling and the potential to go too fast by driving in the right lane. It will keep you at a safer speed to avoid road hazards and accidents. Only use the left lane when passing another vehicle for the best results.

6. Slow Down If You Are the Only Car on the Road

It’s oh-so-tempting to speed up if you are the only car on the road. You only see a long stretch of road and wonder why you shouldn’t step on the gas. Try to temper those feelings and slow down instead. Whether alone on the road or not, going too fast could result in an accident.

7. Use Cruise Control

Cruise control can be a lifesaver in keeping you at just the right speed. While you might start to press on the gas without it, you can take a load off by setting the cruise. It will keep you at just the speed you want, and you have no risk of going too fast and ending up with a ticket.

Can Life360 Help Reduce Chances of Getting a Speeding Ticket?

Absolutely – but not exactly after you’ve already been written up. Your overall driving safety can be improved with Life360, which makes it less likely you will end up with a speeding ticket. In addition, several driving safety features are baked into the app to ensure you and your loved ones are out of danger while on the road.

The safe driving features available include:

Are you worried that someone in your Circle is driving unsafely or going too fast on the road? Then, it would be best to have Life360, which is available for Android and iOS devices. Check how each driver did for the week. It even shows when a driver goes above 80 MPH for 30 seconds or longer.

Try Life360 Today to Avoid Tickets and Stay Safe

When you register for Life360, you can see how you (and your family members) are driving so you can make changes to avoid problems on the road. For example, notice when family members hit the gas too fast, engage in hard braking or go over 80 MPH for an extended time.In addition, Life360 tracks how often someone is driving while using their phone.

Since distracted driving is a huge cause of accidents, it’s essential to be aware and make changes to be safe. All you have to do is download the app and choose your plan. A seven-day trial is available with premium features, so there’s no reason to wait another moment to install.

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