How to Set Up Family Tracking on iPhone ®

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In our busy lives, keeping in touch with family is essential. Thanks to technology, we can now easily locate where our loved ones are and ensure their safety day-to-day. This guide will show you how to share location with family members on your iPhone using Life360.

What Is Family Tracking?

Family tracking is merely a term for being able to share your location, in real-time, with your family. With just a few taps, you can check a map to be updated on their most recent location. Whether it’s making sure everyone’s where they should be or finding each other quickly in a pinch, being able to stay in the loop is a great way to keep families connected. With apps like Life360, you can combine family tracking with personal and family safety; features such as SOS and crash detection keep families safe.

Why It Is Important to Share Location With Family

Sharing your location with family members is crucial for several reasons. 

  • It ensures safety, as you can easily find each other in crowded places or check if everyone has reached their destination safely
  • For parents, this monitors children’s locations without invading too much of their privacy. It finds the ideal middle ground between keeping an eye on them and trusting them.
  • Location sharing also facilitates easier meet-ups, removing the need to constantly update each other through calls or texts.

How to Set Up Family Location Sharing on iPhone

Setting up family location sharing on an iPhone is straightforward, especially with apps like Life360. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  • Create an Account Online: Visit our website, choose your plan, sign up for an account, and provide basic information to get started.
  • Download the Life360 App: Begin by downloading Life360 from the App Store. 
  • Create a Circle: Life360 operates on a “Circle” system, essentially a private group for your family. You can create a Circle by tapping the “+” icon and following the prompts. Then, send your family members an invite through the app.
  • Enable Location Sharing: Once your Circle is set up, each member must enable location sharing on their device. This is done through the app’s settings.  Life360’s got you covered with all sorts of privacy controls. You get to decide just how much info you’re comfortable sharing.

Life360 Family Location Sharing and Safety Features

Life360 goes beyond simple location sharing with a variety of safety features:

  • SOS Button: In an emergency, Circle members can press the SOS button to alert every Circle member and share their location.
  • Crash Detection: If this feature is enabled, Circle members will be notified if a crash is detected on your device. With Gold and Platinum plans, emergency dispatch will also be sent to your location.
  • Family Driving Summary: This feature will show you a display over a week’s worth of driving insights for everyone in your Circle, including top speed, high speed, rapid acceleration, phone usage, and hard braking.

Life360: Your Family’s Safety Companion

Life360 is dedicated to making family safety and communication effortless. It’s easy to use and has all the features of a top-choice family tracking app. Whether you’re looking to keep your loved ones safe, ensure your teen driver is driving responsibly, or stay connected, Life360 has you covered. 

To get started, download Life360 for free and take the first step towards peace of mind with your family. 

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