Life360 is now #50MStrong

Today is a huge day for us at Life360, and we are proud to announce that over 50 million families around the world are now using Life360 to keep their families safe and connected!

The last six years have been an amazing journey – and it’s hard to believe that when we launched in 2008 with a handful of families that we would get to this point, but our growth has been strong and steady with almost million families in 2010, six million in 2012, 21M in 2014, to 50M today.

We wanted to take a moment to thank all of the families around the world who have helped us reach this milestone, we wouldn’t be here without you! You let us into your lives and your stories inspire us everyday.

Thank you for making us #50MStrong.

We would love to hear about your family, that has helped us reach this exciting milestone! Use the hashtag #50MStrong and share your Life360 family!

Click here to see some team members sharing just a few reasons why they love Life360 users!

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