Safety in this moment: How Life360 can help your family during COVID-19.

Times like these have a way of reminding us what matters. No matter how we’re spending our days — staying home to flatten the curve or out doing essential work —  our focus is on protecting the people we love. 

So we wanted to share how Life360 can help you keep your family safe and bring you peace of mind. Use these features to help stay connected and in the know, whether you’re under the same roof, across town, or time zones away.

Location Sharing
Encourage safe social distancing, no matter where your family members are. Keep a close eye on loved ones who may need extra medical attention or who are at higher risk.

Create a New Circle
Stay close to grandparents, other family members, and friends you consider family. Create new Circles for each important group in your life to watch out for each other.

Place Alerts
Even though we’re spending more time at home, we all need to run out for essentials from time to time. But it’s also important to make sure our loved ones are staying safe without taking too many unnecessary trips out of the house. Use Place Alerts to easily stay in the know when people are coming and going.

Life360 Crash Detection
If you’re out performing essential services, first of all — thank you. These days, we need all the backup we can get — and we’re looking out for you if you have to be on the road during this time. Life360 Crash Detection senses collisions the moment they happen to get you help faster and keep loved ones in the know, at no cost. You can turn it on in the Safety tab of your Life360 app.

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