The Best Tips for Parents of New Teen Drivers

Mother teaching teen daughter to drive in a car

Learning to drive is an important and exciting milestone in many teens’ lives. We’ve all been there. But now, as parents, it can be scary to imagine our precious child taking to the road. Luckily, Life360 is here with a handful of tips for parents of new drivers.

10 Tips for Parents of Teen Drivers

1. Be a Safe Driver Yourself

One of the most impactful ways to ensure your teen’s safety is to demonstrate responsible driving behavior yourself. Remember, you’re their first role model when it comes to driving. Teaching by example is one of the most effective ways to become a safe teen driver.

2. Choose the Right Car

The vehicle your new teen driver will use should prioritize safety features over style. Look for cars with a strong safety rating and features like automatic braking, stability control, and many airbags.

3. Make Roadway Safety a Priority

Ensure your teen understands the importance of adhering to traffic laws and respecting other drivers. Explain that safety rules are designed to protect everyone on the road, not just themselves.

4. Limit Nighttime Driving

Statistics show that the risk of accidents increases after dark. Therefore, limit your new teen driver’s nighttime driving until they have gained more experience and confidence.

5. Download a Driving Safety App

Embracing technology can significantly enhance your teen’s safety on the road. For example, Life360, a robust driving safety app, is designed to provide parents peace of mind when their new teen drivers hit the road. Think of it as putting Life360 in the passenger seat, ensuring your teen never drives alone.

The app comes packed with innovative features:

  • Place Alerts: This feature allows you to create geofenced areas on a map and receive alerts when your teen enters or leaves these zones. Whether it’s school, work, or a friend’s house, you’ll always know they’ve arrived safely.
  • Crash Detection: Life360’s crash detection feature is designed to send an automatic alert if a collision is detected. The alert includes the vehicle’s location, allowing for a swift response.
  • Phone Usage Reports: These reports provide insight into your teen’s phone activity while driving. You’ll be able to see if they’re falling into the habit of distracted driving, allowing for timely conversations about the dangers of texting or calling while on the road.
  • SOS Alerts with Emergency Dispatch: In emergencies, this feature allows your teen to send an SOS alert directly from the app. Life360’s emergency dispatch partners receive the alert and can dispatch emergency services to the phone’s location.

The safety of our teens is paramount, and Life360 is an invaluable tool in promoting safe driving habits and ensuring parents stay connected and informed.

6. Teach Them How to Drive in Bad Weather

Driving in rain, snow, or fog can be challenging, even for experienced drivers. Make sure your teen knows how to handle different weather conditions.

7. Discuss Impaired Driving and Come Up with an Action Plan

Have a frank discussion about the dangers of driving under the influence. Also, create an action plan for them to reach out to you or another trusted adult if they ever find themselves in an unsafe situation.

8. Make Sure the Car They Drive is Properly Maintained

A well-maintained car is a safe car. So teach your teen the basics of car maintenance: checking tire pressure and oil levels and ensuring all lights work correctly.

9. Emphasize the Dangers of Distracted Driving

From texting to fiddling with the radio, distractions can be deadly. Your teen should be taught the importance of focusing solely on the road while driving.

10. Create an Environment Where Your Teen Feels Safe to Talk to You

Open communication about their experiences, fears, and mistakes while driving can make all the difference. Ensure your teen knows they can always come to you with concerns.

How Life360 Can Protect Your Teen Driver

While there’s no substitute for good parenting and solid driver’s education, Life360 can offer additional protection for your new teen driver. By using Life360, parents can rest easy knowing their child has an extra safety net on the road. In addition, its features, like place alerts and crash detection, keep parents informed about their teen’s driving habits, while the SOS alerts with emergency dispatch offer peace of mind in emergencies.

Take the Next Step with Life360

Navigating the journey of teen driving can be daunting, but you don’t have to do it alone. First, take advantage of the tips for new drivers and the resources Life360 offers. Then, register online and put Life360 in the passenger seat with your teen driver.

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