“Life360 saved my son’s life tonight…”

Real testimonial stories from real Life360 users.

Crash detection by Life360 allows Life360 to respond to over 200 car accidents per month.

Life is unpredictable, especially when it comes to car accidents, and you can never be fully prepared. Crash Detection by Life360 is a free technology that automatically detects when you, as a driver or passenger, has been in a car accident (over 25MPH). Once the crash is detected, Life360 will notify you, and everyone in your circle, that a crash has been detected, and ask if you’re OK. If you are not OK or you do not respond, and are a Driver Protect member, we will dispatch emergency responders to the exact location of the crash. Life360 is always there for you, especially during those unexpected times to ensure yours and your family’s safety. Here are some real user stories.