Track your Tile Bluetooth trackers in the Life360 app

Find the stuff your family uses (and loses) the most on Life360 with Tile™ Bluetooth trackers. Attach Tiles to everyday essentials like bikes, keys, soccer bags, and more. Then link your Life360 and Tile accounts for free and see everyone and everything that matters in one place — your Life360 map.

Life360 app on mobile phone and keys with Tile

Find keys, wallets, backpacks & more. ↓


How Tile trackers work with Life360

Phone with illustrated people and household items

All in one place

Call off the search party.

Because everything (and everyone) is in one place — your Life360 map. When you link your Life360 and Tile accounts, your whole Circle can see your Tiles and quickly find lost items.

Life360 app with Tile device on map

Find it all

Ring your Tiles through the Life360 app.

Keys in the couch cushions? Wallet in the… fridge? Really? Use your phone to ring nearby Tiles — and use your Tiles to ring your phone, even if it’s on silent.

Life360 app showing Tile's last location

Look again

See your Tile’s last location.

If your Tile is far away, you can check the map to see the last time it was with you or get its most recent location update.

Tile on keys and wallet with Tile 'Your Tile has been found' notification

Bluetooth signal

Work the network.

All Tiles emit a secure Bluetooth signal. So when a phone with the Tile app passes by your lost item, you’ll get a location update — automatically and anonymously.

Get started right here, right now.

See everyone and everything you love in one place — in just a few steps.

Step 1 1

Not a Life360 member? Get the app!

Step 2 2

Activate your Tiles in the Tile app

Step 3 3

Link your Life360 and Tile accounts in the Life360 app

Step 4 4

See your Tiles on your Life360 map

Illustrated person with household items around them that have Tiles

Privacy and security

Your trust comes first.

A big part of that is doing the right thing when no one’s watching. That means maintaining our commitment to investing in features that enhance your customer experience while staying focused on your privacy and security. That includes features like Scan and Secure that allows you to easily scan and detect unknown Tiles that may be traveling with you.

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Illustrated person with household items around them that have Tiles